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27th Venice Marathon | 28 October 2012

27th  Venicemarathon

Philemon  Kisang and Emebt Bedada won in severe weather conditions

Even the bad weather didn’t stop the runners – with almost 6,000 competitors in total. What an extraordinary adventure for Alex Zanardi who arrived with Eric in 3 hours.


Venice, October 28, 2012 – Even the rain, wind and  high tide didn’t stop the 27th Venicemarathon won by Kenyan Philemon Kipchumba Kisang (2h17’00”) and the Ethiopian Emebt Etea Bedada (2h38’11”), the great enterprise of Alessandro Zanardi who finished the race in 3h11’28” and the determination of the 5.931 other competitors.

The men’s race was initially led at a slow pace due to the high headwind. After passing the half marathon mark in 1h08’19” the attack arrived at the 35th Km when Philemon Kipchumba Kisang lengthened his stride towards the finish line closing the race in 2h17’00” followed by Titus Kwemoi Masai (2h18’21”) and Elija Karanja (2h19’41”). A respectable fourth place went to Italian Domenico Ricatti (2h19’43”), who crossed the bridges in the last kilometers with ease.


The women’s race was a challenge between the Ethiopian runners.  Emebt Etea Bedada ran side by side with Fantu Eticha Jimma up until the 30th Km, when she extended and won in 2h38’11”. Helima Hassen Beriso took the advantage of Fantu’s difficulty and finished second in 2h48’32 leaving the third place to Fantu Eticha Jimma (2h50’48”). Fourth place went to the Italian Monica Carlin in 2h54’13”.

The wheelchair race was won by Robert Kauffmann in 1h47’06”, ahead of Cristiano Picco (1h54’28”) and Gianni Garbin (1h56”08”). Alessandro Zanardi showed readiness and helped  Eric Fontanari to finish the marathon.

Great satisfaction for Venicemarathon

The numbers are clear: this morning 6214 crossed the start line and 5931 finished the race. Just 283 withdrew from the race. The weather forecast scared 1155 runners who did not pick up their bib numbers or left their transponders at the desk and only 631 runners postponed their registration from 2012 to 2013 due to different reasons.

The words of the protagonists

Philemon Kipchumba Kisang:Despite the severe weather conditions it has been a nice race. It is always a great emotion to win in a town like Venice and its international marathon”.

Titus Kwemoi Masai: “Yesterday I announced that I would have run  around 2h07’, unfortunately the bad weather conditions changed my goal. I will try again next year”.

Elija Karanja: “It has been a hard race, especially when arriving along the Ponte della Libertà with the rain and the high wind, thanks to the warmth of the spectators I was able to win”.

Ranking list


1. Kisang Philemon Kipchumba (KEN)   02:17:00

2. Masai Titus Kwemoi (KEN)                    02:18:20

3. Karanja Elija (KEN)                                 02:19:41

4. Ricatti Domenico (ITA)                            02:19:43

5. Awash Habtamu (ETH)                          02:21:00

6. Korir Patrick Kiptanui (KEN)                  02:24:58

7. Boudalia Said (ITA)                                 02:27:50

8. Rognoni Dario (ITA)                                02:30:30

9. Simion Giancarlo (ITA)                           02:30:46

10. Ndiwa Robert (KEN)                             02:30:48



1. Bedada Emebt Etea (ETH)                     02:38:09

2. Beriso Halima Hassen (ETH)                02:48:30

3. Jimma Fantu Eticha (ETH)                    02:50:48

4. Carlin Monica (ITA)                                 02:54:13

5. Cunico Maurizia (ITA)                             02:56:57

6. Gizzi Noemy (ITA)                                    03:01:06

7. Vecchiato Ambra (ITA)                            03:01:14

8. Markley Pamela (USA)                           03:01:33

9. Patuelli Francesca (ITA)             03:02:28

10. De Rose Rossella (ITA)                        03:09:09

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