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Athlete Interview: Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday

SCOTT Sports athlete, Sage Canaday, took time out from his hill training to talk to

Sage was crowned US Mountain Running Champion in 2012 at the Mt. Washington Road Race, where he also broke the American record. Here he explains more about his running:

1. Who do you train with?

I mostly train solo, by myself. I also coach myself and design my own training programs.

2. What are your favorite training routes?

Uphill routes that go to the top of mountains and have a good view!

3. What is the best piece of running advice you have ever received?

Train, don’t strain!

4. How did you come to be a SCOTT Sports Athlete?

After breaking Anton Krupicka’s course record at the White River 50 mile endurance run I was approached by the race director, Scott McCoubrey who works in the USA as the Footwear Division Manager for SCOTT Sports. I’m very grateful for the sponsorship and support from SCOTT!

5.  What has been your running highlight from the last year?

I won the USA Mountain Running Championships at the Mt. Washington Hill Climb in the fastest American time ever at the race. Also, having the opportunity to run the Jungfrau Marathon for the first time and place 5th overall in the World Long Distance Challenge. I just started mountain running this past year and I feel like I have a lot of room for improvement as I learn!

6.  What are you hoping to achieve this year?

I want to become one of the best mountain – ultra- trail runners in the world at events from 15km to 100km, and try to win the Jungfrau Marathon.

7. What is your favorite piece of kit from SCOTT?

My favorite clothing item is the SCOTT Windbreaker AMT Jacket.

My favorite shoes are the SCOTT T2C EVOs.

Sage’s Upcoming Races

  • 16.3.13 Tarawera 100k in New Zealand
  • 15.4.13 Lake Sonoma 50 (CA, USA)
  • 8.6.13  Cayuga Trails 50
  • 16.6.13 Mt. Washington
  • 30.6.13  Mont Blanc Marathon
  • 27.7.13 Speedgoat 50k
  • 11.8.13 Sierre-Zinal
  • 14.9.13 Jungfrau Marathon
  • 28.9.13 UROC 100k
  • 19.10.13 Mt. Kinabalu
  • 8.12.13  The North Face 50

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