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Race Report: 2012 Amalfi Coast Trail, Italy

Race report from the organisers of the 2012 Amalfi Coast Trail in Italy:

From 13 till 20 October 2012 the Amalfi Coast Trail allowed the runners to go through a region registered on the UNESCO world heritage in 5 stages for a total of 85 km and 6000 m D +. Departures under the dome of the famous city of Amalfi or the beautiful beach of Positano, passage in the fjord of Furore, on the path of the Gods to Agerola or at the summit of the coast, the Monte San Michele, offering an amazing panorama in 360 ° on Capri, all the Amalfi Coast, the bay of Naples, the Vesuvius vulcano and the gulf of Salerno : this is a part of the program which was proposed to the runners, under the sun and the neapolitan heat.

Besides these 5 stages a tourist day off was organized on the Capri island for in choice a ride at the top of the island, the Monte Solaro offering a wonderful view, the beach or the shopping. Cultural activities were also proposed : visit of a historic palace, a museum, factories of ceramic, traditional bread and liqueur, … In the same time a group of walkers made every day a part of the route supervised by a local guide and could cross the runners.

For the victory the fight has been relentless and the suspense guaranteed till the end between the 2 Italian Lois Craffonara and Andreas Irsara and the French Guillaume Besnard, winner in 2011. It was necessary to wait for the 4th stage to see Besnard taking the lead 2 minutes before Irsara by attacking in the last descent. Irsara tried to get his revanche in the last stage but he was countered by Besnard who won the stage and the general ranking with a final time of 9h10, 3 minutes before Irsara and 11 minutes before Craffonara.

For the women, after the initial victory of the French girl Claire Andre, the Italian Federica Mencarelli won all the other stages and the general ranking in 13h40 in front of Andre in 14h33. The 3rd place goes to the French Sylvie Ojeda in 17h30.

All the team of Mandala Trail is already waiting for you for the 3rd edition from 5 till 12 October 2013 and also for the 10th birthday of the Lafuma Volcano Trail in Sicily from 21 till 28 April 2013.

Race Photos

Race Results


1 Guillaume Besnard France 09:10:19
2 Andreas Irsara Italy 09:13:29
3 Lois Craffonara Italy 09:21:33
4 Flavio Ghidini Italy 09:58:45
5 Sylvain Blin Ancel France 10:20:50
6 Nicolas Besnard France 11:17:56
7 Patrick Michel France 11:55:43
8 Fabrice Fischer France 12:14:42
9 Sergio Gallicet Italy 12:35:58
10 Denis Michel France 13:12:34
11 Roberto Boncompagni Italy 13:21:30
12 Jean-Michel Sapien France 14:39:33
13 Jan Paul Adang Italy


1 Federica Mencarelli Italy 13:40:04
2 Andre Claire France 14:33:08
3 Ojeda Sylvie France 17:30:31

Run It Next Year!

Click here for details of how to enter the 2013 Amalfi Coast Trail.

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