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Race Report: Lancaster & Morecambe AC, 27th August 2013

The latest on the club runners from Lancaster & Morecambe AC, courtesy of Road Captain, Louise Gardner:

August has been a successful month for runners from Lancaster & Morecambe AC, who have been enjoying success at several races.

The Ulverston mid-week Summer 10km is always popular and this year saw almost 200 people take part. First back for Lancaster was Phil Lowery who took first veteran 50 prize with a cracking run of 36m.24, placing him sixth overall. In next finishing 53rd was David Wilkinson with a strong run of 42m.09, followed by wife Carole in 47m.29. Super veteran Evelyn Elkington won first veteran 75 prize with a great run of 1h.02.03. Other finishers: George Parrington 50m.38, Linda Stapleton 1h.02.28, Richard Stapleton 1h.04.31.

At Catforth 5km Helen Booth was first female with a superb run of 18m.50, placing her ninth overall. Close behind was Jack Husband, who took first veteran 55 position with an excellent run of 18m.56. In next was Maria Snell running well in 19m.46 and Jim Stewart in 21m.14.

Lancaster’s Louise Gardner won the women’s race at Birchwood 10km, finishing well in 35m.26 and placing 21st overall out of 764 runners.

Fancy joining the Lancaster & Morecambe AC for a race? Click here to look at races organised by Lancaster & Morecambe AC.

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