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Tom Humphries Wins Great Edinburgh Run 10K 2012 on “Tough” Course

Tom Humphries win Great Edinburgh Run 2012

Tom Humphries has clinched the first place on a “tough, tough” course in Edinburgh. He led the field for the first seven kilometres up hill in Holyrood Park on a crisp, clear October morning. Shortly after the 7K marker Andrew Lemoncello moved in to challenge the Cannock & Stafford club runner.

They tussled for the next four kilometres over several difficult inclines before Tom Humphries put in an explosive finish to pip Andrew Lemoncello at the post. Speaking after the race, Andrew Lemoncello said it was great to be back in Edinburgh after training in Arizona and that seeing his family was a real highlight. He was happy with his performance given that he has been marathon training and putting in a lot of miles on the flat. He was not tired, but feels more positive about the Great South Run.

Tom Humphries found the course more difficult than last year with a lot of hills. Despite that, he led the 10,000 for a full 7k before getting caught up. He said after the race that he was really, really nervous and was even sick after finishing. However, he felt the nerves had carried him to his victory and was extremely pleased with the result.

Newly married Freya Murray Ross came second to Jess Coulson after a series of longer distance performances earlier in the year including the Great North Run & Olympic Marathon. Elspeth Curran was the first women’s club runner who arrived third in 35:45.

The day was bright, sunny and crisp with frost on the ground at Holyrood Park, just next to the Scottish Parliament. The crowds warmed up to a pounding beat and were set off by celebrity chef, Tom Kitchin.

Results Men

  • Tom Humphries 29:23
  • Andy Lemoncello 29:24
  • Derek Hawkins 30:14
  • Andrew Douglas 31:20
  • Stuart Gibson 31:33
  • Michael Crawley 31:44
  • Alex Hendry 32:21
  • Ross Matheson 32:33
  • Mickey Breen 33:10
  • Stuart Stokes 33:11

Results Women

  • Jess Coulson 33:12
  • Freya Murray Ross 33:48
  • Elspeth Curran 35:45
  • Christina Rankin 36:18
  • Gillian Palmer 36:45
  • Lyndsay Morrison 37:24
  • Emma Hart 38:07
  • Victoria Bailie 39:13
  • Charlotte Firth 40:18
  • Ellie Buchan 41:27

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