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Tour de Tirol 2012

Festival de la Suisse

After todays halfmarathon Patrick Wieser, the winner of the Kaisermarathon yesterday, was fast enough in the “Gunderson”-Race and made himself the Tour de Tirol-King 2012.

Without any competitors Jasmin Nunige: like last year Jasmin won all three stages and of course the Tour de Tirol-ranking 2012.
The Tour de Tirol 2012 is already legendary. Congratulations to all participants for their great sportive performances, we are looking forward to see you all next year.
Behind the scene: The Tour de Tirol would not be possible without the generous supply of our sponsors and partners and the great help from our volunteers.


Against all limits …
The Kaisermarathon started very fast today. The runners seamed extremely motivated on this perfect racing day.
Patrick Wieser challenged Mountain Marathon World Champion Jonathan Wyatt to a duel at the “Bolzegg”. At the end the talented young Wieser from Switzerland won with a healthy margin.
Last years winner Adam Kovács landed on third position, right before Alex Rieder, the fastest Austrian today. Brilliant also Jasmin Nunige at the womens race: she finished – with a smile on her beautiful face – on position seven. Celine Lafaye from France and Corinne Zeller from Switzerland completed the leading ladies trio.

Congratulations to all winners and finishers of the Kaisermarathon 2012!


Great start for the Tour de Tirol 2012
Starters record – at the Söller Zehner as well as at the Raiffeisen Kids & Youth run. The Tour de Tirol startet on a very sunny day with the longest apple strudel of the world, which the starters of the Raiffeisen Kids & Youth run could enjoy afterwards.
After the kidsrace the Söller Zehner started. More than 480 runners went on the three rounds through Söll. Like last year, Adam Kovács and Jasmin Nunige had the winners faces at the end.
It will be very exciting, if Jasmin and Adam will be able to do their tripple of last year again .

Report provided by Annette Wörgötter

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