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Omaha Marathon for Runners of Different Levels

Sunday morning appeared to be the start for the Omaha Marathon and nearly 3,000 people expressed their decision to take part in it. The marathon was organized to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this event. The total distance to overcome is 26.2 miles but some participants can only do 13 miles. The first Omaha Marathon was held in 1975 and it took about three years to turn the marathon to be popular.

Omaha Marathon

If you ask people why they participate in the event, they would be happy to share their positive emotions associated with their ability to run such a long distance. They usually treat the marathon as a challenge and they prove that they are still in a perfect physical form. But most of the runners are rather experienced and they are ready to all the hardships of the marathon. Some of the runners consider this marathon to be a good training for the Chicago Marathon.

Runners will see what results they will be able to show in Chicago. Most of watchers consider the marathon to be rather inspirational and they come there just to watch how runners help each other finish the marathon. Some of them are indecisive as well but they have a great intention to take part in the marathon as well. People received a shiny medal and a bottle of cold water when they managed to cross the finish line.

This marathon can serve as an official qualifier for one of the most popular races called the Boston Marathon. Those people who do not want to run the whole distance will have a chance to choose between a 5K or 10K race. To participate in the marathon, people had to come to TD Ameritrade Park in Downtown Omaha at 7a.m. People did not have to register beforehand as people could do that within 30 minutes before the marathon started.

You can now register for the 2016 edition that will take place Sunday, September 18

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