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We’ve been bug-hunting across of late – and, to continue the Halloween theme a little further, we found a few ghouls within the system!

As ever, we’ve been fixing things at, including the following:

  • Yorkshire & Humber Race Listings not updating – new events which were added to the Yorkshire & Humber region (my very own area, no less!) of the UK were not being added to maps pages. The technically minded among you might realise why one line of code which said & instead of & might have led to this minor oversight… which is now fixed!
  • Race dates displaying wrong at the end of February 2013 – this was a strange bug, which was spotted by a sharp-eyed race organiser from New Zealand – their event date was displaying wrong in one part of their listing (read March instead of February). This bug, which was caused by a minor typo in a PHP date element, has now been fixed.
  • Race “Country” information in USA and UK – when we transitioned to the new race addition forms, the code which converts this into listings on-the-fly was sending one piece of information (the race country) to the wrong place on races from the United States and United Kingdom (because we’ve broken these countries into regions / states). Instead, it was putting the State or “Region” into the “Country” slot. This minor bug has now been fixed!
  • Some races which were added while forms were transitioned in the middle of October had dates back to front or otherwise munged – we fixed the upset data on these events (problem caused when race organisers were half way through the form when we flipped the switch!).

Tell us about Bugs

Spotted a bug in Contact us and let us know, or simply leave a public comment below. We’ll fix it!

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