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Find a Hotel for Race Day!

We’ve always tried to help runners who are looking to compete in races near or far, and, as a result, we have long tried to link to hotels around events for your information.

Up until now, the Hotels links have been, frankly, not very good!

Up until now…

Hotels Maps on UK, USA and NZ Races!

We’ve now got a superb race day hotels map, which displays alongside the race location map to help you to track down accommodation as close to start line as possible! You can also click through and book online through in 2 clicks, making your life as easy as possible.

Currently, maps are available for races in the UK, the USA and New Zealand, but we have hotel data for the whole planet, and we will be rolling this into “live” over the coming days…

For the time being, try the following links, find a race, and hit the “Location and Map” tab to zero in on a good hotel for your race weekend!

Get a Map for your Race Website

If you are an event organiser, we’d be happy to support your race by providing an embeddable race hotels map for your website. Just contact us with your request and we’ll build you some code for your webmaster.

Love them or hate them?

You can help to shape the future of by leaving your comments on the hotels maps below – please be honest, and explain how you think it could be better, we will listen!

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