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Race Calendar Newsletter | Week Ending 9th December 2012

Afternoon runners,

It’s funny you know, how the perception of positive and negative between people and cultures is skewed. Society these days does its best to pigeon hole all of us to conform, and we’re told daily how we should conduct our lives. Eat this, don’t do that, that’s not good for you, you must do it this way….blah, blah, blah, blah….. This was emphasised to me last night when I saw a program on TV called “My Weird Addiction” or something like that. OK, so there were people who had an addiction to chalk, one women couldn’t stop shopping….all maybe excessive, weird behaviour! However, I was amazed when the next guy came on and explained how he was addictied to RUNNING! My immediate reaction was SO WHAT, SO AM I, and probably you too if you’re reading this……..

The host continued to explain how bad it was for him, and to be obsessed with somewthing to such an extent. Maybe it’s just me…..but anyone who runs the equivalent of 2 marathons per week, and has completed over 50 competitive marathons in the last 4 years is in my eyes, AMAZING! OK, that maybe excessive, but surely he can’t be put in the same category as the girl who is addicted to eating plasterboard, or the 180kg guy addicted to Big Macs.

Here at Race-Calendar we salute you sir…..and all we can say is KEEP RUNNING! pin up boy Ricky Lightfoot runs the Scafell Pike Trail Marathon Recce

The cover photo of our 2013 Race Calendar is adorned by the amazing Ricky Lightfoot. We are excited to bring you these photos of Ricky running Scafell Pike Trail Marathon Recce ahead of the race in May 2013.


You can see all the photos here.

Your Weekly Inspirational Video:

Let’s continue the rebellion from conforming with todays video.

This is one of the most inspiring videos we’ve given you this year. It truly is remarkable. The great soundtrack helps too…as always. You need to watch it right to the end. Over 7 million people have watched it….There’s a reason why!

Upcoming Races:

Featured Race Map: France

Races in France courtesy of Add a race. Embed Map

Until next week,

Happy running from the team at


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