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Race-Calendar Newsletter | Week Ending 2nd December 2012

Hey runners,

With Christmas only a few weeks away it’s time we normally start looking back on the year and ask ourselves if we’ve achieved what wanted at the start of the year. Some of us have, and some of us haven’t. The thing is……life under most cases never is exactly as we planned, but the great thing is if you’re positive about your life, you can empower yourself to take MASSIVE action, and achieve your goals. It’s no different with running and exercise. Maybe you’ve always wanted to enter that marathon, but never thought you were capable or worthy of such a challenge. Everyone is capable. Put a plan together, and then act. It really is that SIMPLE. It’s always really easy to find reasons not to do something. Why not think of the reasons you should. After all, all you have to do, is get out and RUN!

Just on planning, we’ve been putting our plan together for 2013, and we’re quite excited at what we will bring to runners all over the world. Who knows, we might even run a marathon or two ourselves! We are an enterprising bunch at

Race-Calendar Now Publishing Press Releases: 

The news section is continuing to grow, and we are seeing our weekly audience continually grow. We have also realised an increase in requests to publish running press releases, a service we have not provided up until now. From today, we now will publish running related press releases, after moderation from our editors. It’s just another service we hope will benefit running clubs and organisers around the world. Press releases will be posted un the “Running Press Releases” Category on our news page.

Your Weekly Running Inspiration:

Running the limits – This is simply awesome!

Race Reports & Photos:

  • Race Photos: Cyprus 4 Day Challenge 2012 Excerpt: “The 8th edition of the 4-Day Challenge is now an unforgettable memory for both the runners and the organizers, and it is with great pleasure that we saw the participation number averaging at the same level as in previous years, with runners of various ages and standards as well as supporters escorting the runners, all from various countries such as UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Russia, France, Italy, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, and Cyprus.” These race photos were sent to us by the organisers of the Cyprus 4 Challenge. Congratulations to the winners, Urs Jenzer & Stephanie Twell. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS
  • Lancaster & Morecambe AC Athletes See “Plenty of Success Exceprt: “Lancaster & Morecambe AC athletes have been busy racing over the last few weeks, with plenty of success. There was a choice of two popular 10 mile road races on the 18th November. Two Lancaster athletes took part in the Preston 10 mile; Colin Hewitt ran well in 1h.17.44 with Emily Stapleton having a good run of 1h.26.47.”
Running Press Releases:
Upcoming Races:
Feature Race Map:

Races in Washington (WA), USA courtesy of Add a race. Embed Map


Take MASSIVE Action – Get your gear on and run!

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