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Race Calendar Newsletter 1 | 2013

Hey runners,

We hope you’ve had a fantastic New Year and the festive season has treated you well.  Now we’re not into this whole New Year resolution fad, but even we turn the page on a new year and look a fresh and plan for a great year.

The greatest part of the the festive season and the New Year is of course the time most of us spend with family and friends, and the little bit of self indulgence. Packing on a few kilos is normal for most of us. It can make us feel a little ashamed, and even guilty, but the greatest thing and the reason you don’t have to feel any of these emotions, is that YOU KNOW HOW TO RUN…….!

So certainly January is the time of year to plan your running months, schedule in those early morning jogs, and a few competitive races, a marathon or two, and why not be a little crazy and enter an ultra-marathon or adventure race. This may be a little irresponsible of us at Race Calendar to encourage you to enter an ultra-marathon, as it it takes an iron will, years of training, and a little bit of that “X” factor that lurks in all of us!

Buy YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE – If nothing else, set your goals and plan the road to achieve them. If you one day want to run an ultra-marathon, or even a marathon…….set out your plan now and “step up to the plate”. As the saying goes:

“You’re more likely to regret the things you didn’t do, rather than the things you did!”

OK, now you’re all fired up, let’s get into it…..

We now have the 2013 Race Calendars available for only £4.99 in the UK

Also, if you’re heading to one of the following races, be sure to grab a photo with one of our calendars and send it in for all to see!

  • Blymhill 10K
  • First Chance 10K
  • Benfleet 15
  • Bath Skyline
  • Essar Four Villages Half Marathon

Your Weekly Inspirational Video:

Tell Knudson is a very successful internet marketer – he’s also a barefoot runner. This is something different…but a cool new years running resoltion video! You might be interested also in what he has to offer.

Race Reports & Photos:

  • Race Report: Lancaster Festive 4k Fun Run, UK, 27th December 2012 – 155 Runners assembled on the 27th December for the annual Festive 4k fun run organised by Lancaster & Morecambe Athletic Club. Amongst the competitors were some runners in fancy dress including Santa, a Christmas tree and Mrs Christmas. The fun run was an ideal opportunity to have fun and help after the indulgence of turkey and Christmas pudding.
  • Søndersø Rundt, Ballerupvej 70, Værløse, Denmark on 26 December 2012. – The race in 2012 was a success. There were 220 runners. The weather was very fine. No rain, and we had about 7 degrees. The road round Søndersø was fine. All the runners were happy. We had also about one prize for every second runner.
  • Race Report: Naunton 19 Trail Race – January 13 proved lucky for some, when the combination of an overnight frost and a crisp sunny day created perfect conditions for runners of the inaugural Cotswold Running Naunton 19 Trail Race.  Starting in the picturesque village of Naunton, the runners enjoyed the undulating footpaths leading them through the beautiful Cotswold countryside.  The field of 88 followed a marked loop that led them through Upper Slaughter, Guiting Wood, and Guiting Power before returning to the Naunton Village Hall.  The sunshine and beautiful surroundings provided the backdrop for an inspiring display of athleticism and willpower.

Running Press Releases:

  • ROTARY CLUB OF LIGUANEA PLAINS’ 5K SET FOR JANUARY 13 – KINGSTON, Jamaica … JANUARY 2013 – Athletes and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts can now register for the annual Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains’ 5K run / walk which will open the 2013 Running Events calendar.

Upcoming Races:

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