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Race-Calendar Newsletter | Week Ending 10th February 2013

Happy Valentine Day Runners,

You may not be in a part of the world where Valentines Day is celebrated, but we’re feeling the love…..And this weekend there are a host of running clubs than have organised Valentines Day themed races.

Check out the Tri-Adventure this Sunday in Surrey, UK. A cool post on how romance can enhance your running was posted today on

Not only there are a few great Valentines races this weekends, there are many great international races taking place, including the New Zealand Cross Triathlon National Championships and the Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge 2013 in Tanzania.

The Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge is a race that most of us would envision as one of those races we could either never do, or never complete. But…..if you’re a runner, why not make it a plan to think outside of the square, and enter one of those exotic races you always dreamed of.

Why would entering a race like this be so rewarding?

There are only a few people in the world who will:

• summit Kilimanjaro (5895 m) over 6 days (this is not raced)
• compete in a two day mountain bike race around Kilimanjaro (190 km) and
• finish the Kilimanjaro Marathon (42,2 km).

The one with the fastest summarized time on the bike race and the marathon sections will be the KiliMAN.

But even if you are not “The KiliMAN” come and take part in the other challenges. There is a possibility to compete in a team of 3, or start small and bike only or come to the Kilimanjaro Marathon, even if you run in 6 hours.

If you are looking for team members … set up a “Buddy Team”! The foreign members of the teams are asked to sponsor at least one Tanzanian member to join their team. The aim of this is to allow Tanzanian athletes a chance to participate in this event, at a low price. Buddy team members costs benefit from local park fees. Through our contacts in Tanzania we have a pool of keen, dedicated athletes, ready to enter these events – we will pair up the athletes with their teams.

Climbing: Time is not important during the 6-day ascent of Kilimanjaro, only reaching the summits counts. The reason is that sufficient altitude acclimatization is necessary for the 6000er. The ascent of Kilimanjaro is the meditative part of the adventure. The reward is the grandiose view of the African savannah from the Uhuru peak.

Your Weekly Running Inspiration: The Kiliman

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Feature Valentines Race:

Valentines 10K @ Chessington Sports Centre, Chessington, Surrey, United Kingdom on 17 February 2013

valentines race

Race Information:

  • Event Name: Valentines 10K
  • Distance (KMs): 10
  • Distance (Miles): 6.2
  • Terrain/Type: Road Races
  • Date: 17 February 2013
  • Start Time: 09:00
  • Venue: Chessington Sports Centre
  • Best Time (Men): 30:17
  • Best Time (Women): 35:08
  • Organised By: 26.2 RRC

Race Description

A friendly 10K race around Chessington and Epsom. Excellent facilities include, toilets, changing, cafe, ample free parking and easy access via public transport.

A quick undulating course with PB potential.

Featured Race Map: Africa

Races in Africa courtesy of Add a race. Embed Map

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Racing from the team @

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