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Tri-Adventure Race Report | Sunday 17th February 2013

Location: Swinley Forest, Camberley, Surrey
Events: Trail & Sprint
Date: Sunday 17th February 2013

Race report:

Swinley Forest looked beautiful but eerie as sunrise revealed a thick blanket of fog in situ for the Tri-Adventure Trail and Sprint.  Of course, it takes a lot more than a bit of fog to put off our adventure racers – with 100% attendance a queue of keen racers wanting to enter on the day emerged.

The recent snow and rain had risen the water table in the Surrey area meaning todays course was extremely wet and likely to be very muddy!

The brave competitors were rewarded for braving the cold conditions with free tea, coffee and biscuits whilst they strategized with their maps.  The Tri-Adventure team were on hand to offer advice and strategy tips to the many first timers who’d come along.  Gil Cramer from ‘Fit Concepts’ kindly ran a pre-event warm up session, getting everyone stretched and limbered up.

The claxon sounded at 10am, the Sprint mass start on foot all headed off into the fog, soon disappearing from site and into their adventure.  As usual not everyone took the same route, groups took different routes into the forest, some striving to hit the farthest checkpoints on the 12km run and others being slightly more cautious and off to the nearest.  One thing was for sure, careful footing would be needed with the rather fluid conditions underfoot.  The Trail set off an hour later, largest numbers to date show how popular the Tri-Adventure trail is becoming.

Jonathan Mayne, Tri-Adventure‘s race director said, “last month we had snow to contend with and this month we have thick fog and think mud, it will be interesting to see how the competitors manage the mountain biking with it being so wet underfoot, I imagine it will be really tough. The trick will be to keep an eye on the time and ensure they’re not late back.”

Racers later spoke about the difficulty of keeping control in the mud, both on the run and bike, extra care was needed to avoid falls and injury.

By around 30 minutes into the race the sun had come out, the fog burnt away and the sunny but cold conditions suddenly favoured the run and transition onto the bike was pushed back later and later by most – most knowing the wind chill on the bike would take away that much enjoyed heat from the sun!

As ever it was all smiles at the finish line, the course and conditions had been tough but at the same time exhilarating and great fun.

The warm welcoming hall of Tri-Adventure HQ was a welcome haven for the finishers, hot showers, body massage and hot drinks with cake were waiting for all as they crossed the finish line. The warmth and refreshments were enjoyed as everybody dibbed in and all awaited the prize giving.

Race Results

Sprint Winners:
1st EddClifford
2nd Tom Davies
3rd Sid Hardy

1st Carol Yarrow
2nd Nicki Adams
3rd Kate Barker

Trail Winners:
Male: Ross Remnant
Female: Claire Smart

Race Photos

Race Listing

Click here for more information about the Tri-Adventure Sprint which took place on 17th February in Surrey, UK.

Click here for more information about the Tri-Adventure Trail which took place on 17th February in Surrey, UK.

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