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Race-Calendar Newsletter | Week Ending 21st February 2013

Hey Runners,

Things have been a little hectic at Race-Calendar HQ so we apologise for the late newsletter this week. Currrently we are working on a range of new features (yes….even more), that will make Race-Calendar even more user friendly and feature packed than ever before. Everything from the ease of adding a race for organisers, to adding results, finding races, and entering races. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll slowly roll out our new systems (seamlessly of course), with the end result being that Race-Calendar will be hands down the best running website in the world.

Ok……on to the good stuff. We have a great interview this week with Romaian World Class Distance runner, Simona Staicu. A three time Jungfrau marathon winner. Check out the interview below, and be inspired.

Interview with Simona Staicu, Romanian World-Class Distance Runner

We got to quiz three-time Jungfrau Marathon winner, Simona Staicu, about her training & running targets for 2013. Click here to read the interview.

Your Weekly Inirational Video: The Time Is Now….

Race Reports & Photos:

Brighton Half Marathon 2013 race review

Taking place in perfect weather conditions today (Sunday 17th February 2013), the 23rd Brighton Half Marathon saw a record number of runners cross the finish line. Blue skies and sunshine also brought a large number of spectators out to line Madeira Drive as well as the streets of Brighton & Hove and the seafront in order to show their support for the race and the runners.

Tri-Adventure Race Report | Sunday 17th February 2013

Swinley Forest looked beautiful but eerie as sunrise revealed a thick blanket of fog in situ for the Tri-Adventure Trail and Sprint.  Of course, it takes a lot more than a bit of fog to put off our adventure racers – with 100% attendance a queue of keen racers wanting to enter on the day emerged.

The Pilgrim Challenge 2013 | 66 Mile Multi-Stage Ultra

The event took place on the 2nd and 3rd February 2013, starting in The Sands near Farnham and finishing Day 1 at St Nickolas School in Merstham near Redhill. Day 2 ran the same course back to Farnham.

Upcoming Races:

Featured Race:

 202km Camel Trail @ Tunisian Sahara, Tunisia on 27 October 2013

A once-in-a-lifetime Tunisian adventure with a maximum of 40 runners camping & running through the majestic beauty of the desert. See white dunes, mountains & salt lakes.

Featured Race Map: France

Races in France courtesy of Add a race. Embed Map

We’re off for run now….not exhausted enough!

The Team @ Race-Calendar


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