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Race Report: 17th Belgrade Ultramarathon, Serbia, 5th October 2013

This report was sent in by Irina Skerl:

Report from the 17th Belgrade Ultramarathon 2013
October 5/6 2013, Park of Friendship, Usce, New Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Three national records were broken at the Self-Transcendence 24 Hour Race which took place on the 2 km long race course in the Park of Friendship, New Belgrade. Some unforgettable moments happened at the 17th Belgrade Ultramarathon on a beautiful sunny day in October 6th 2013.

Trajce Mihov broke a national record for Macedonia in the Self-Transcendence 24 Hour Race with a result of 220 km. At the same time, Jovica Spajic set a new national record for Serbia by running 218 km in 24 hours and Branislav Pavic set a national record for Bosnia and Herzegovina by covering a distance of 212 km in the same race. These three runners passed the Finish line running side by side after covering their last lap together in a spirit of a true mutual encouragement, not competing with each other but competing with their own capacities. Course records were broken in women’s 24 and men’s and women’s 6 Hour Race too.

In this year’s Belgrade Self-Transcendence 6/12/24 Hour Race we had more than 70 participants from 11 countries: Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Some of the runners expressed great contentment with the organisation. Happy with the food, with supportive crew and a beautiful race course, in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere… they promised to come again next year!!!

The organiser of the Self-Transcendence 6/12/24 Hour Race which takes place annually in Belgrade is Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Serbia.

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Click here for more information on the 17th Belgrade Ultramarathon.

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