Race Report: 2013 Blue Donkey Run

This race report was sent to us from Barbara Wild at the Blue Donkey Run:

The 4th Annual Blue Donkey 5K Fun Run was a success! This fund raiser for the Anchorage Democrats was better than ever this year with the addition of Rocky and Rusty, our favorite donkeys. They ran with the runners for a while getting us off to a good start.

We had a family of winners this year. Luke Mouracade, age 13, was the overall winner with a time of 23:19. His mother, Jennifer Doerry placed 1st in the Women’s Division with a time of 26:21.

Other placing times were:

Men’s Division: 1st – Forrest Dunbar 23:29, 2nd – Kevin Postma 24:49, and 3rd – Jake Metcalf 26:12.
Women’s Division: 2nd – Andrea Lang 26:44, and 3rd – Patrice Parker 28:22.
Youth Division: 2nd – Morrigan Kellen 48:15.

Our distinguished guest, President Obama Paper Cutout ; ) came over the finish line at 64:34 to become the winner of our Red Lantern award. Then only to be raffled off to a lucky winner.

Times for other runners:

Frank Cahill 27:14
Bob Edor 28:02
Andrew Lessig 29:09
Sarah Kleedehn 30:14
Thomas Higgins 31:21
Caroline Smith 31:39
Larry Day 31:39
Meghan Cavanaugh 32:06
Lois Watson 35:15
Thomas McLaughlin 37:59
Michele Harmeling 43:35
Jodie Dominiguez 44:12
Ada Goodman 47:56
Julie Hennesey 61:12
Patti Higgins 61:26
Rachel Lalki 61:31
Patrick Higgins 61:40
Carl Sterrett 64:32
Hedy Eisheid 64:32
Joe Samaniego 64:33
Kathrine Pfeiffer 80:21 (Got a late start)

We’ll see you all next year. Bring a friend or two because I understand donkeys Rocky and Rusty are training for next year’s run already!

Race Photo

The Blue Donkey Run, Alaska

The Blue Donkey Run, Alaska

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