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Race-Calendar Newsletter | Week Ending 16th June 2013

Hey Runners,

As usual there has been some pretty big races on around the world in the last few weeks, and also a few high profile upsets. None bigger than Usain Bolt being beaten in Rome by the upbeat Justin Gaitlin. Many experts consider that it was a stumble, or “false step” by Bolt that allowed Gaitlin to gain ground on him, but Gaitlin begs to differ….as he would!

Bolt indicated he may not have been as motivated as he should. It may have been the most dangerous thing any other sprinter could do to Bolt..actually beat him. If he didn’t have enough fire in the belly, he certainly should do now. It is a mark of a champion how they come back.

The win for Gaitlin was interesting, as he tested positive for testosterone in 2006. In many peoples eyes, he will have to beat Bolt again, and then maybe again, for anyone to really think he has “arrived”.

Just another dynamic story from the world of running. This one though will be interesting to see how it plays out leading into the World Championships and then Rio!

You Weekly Running Inspiration:

You guessed it…….

Race Reports & Photos:

Race Report: 2013 Blue Donkey Run The 4th Annual Blue Donkey 5K Fun Run was a success! This fund raiser for the Anchorage Democrats was better than ever this year with the addition of Rocky and Rusty, our favorite donkeys. They ran with the runners for a while getting us off to a good start.

Race Report: Lancaster & Morecambe AC, June 2013

Lancaster & Morecambe AC had two teams in the Edinburgh Marathon Relay where the 26.2 miles is divided between four runners over different distances.

On the first leg of 8.4 miles Ruth Bartlett ran well in 1h.07.32, off next was Tracey Bruce with a great run of 51m.26 on the 5.6 mile second leg. Leg three was 7.6 miles and Greg Lambert ran a super 1h.02.28 and he handed on to Julie Shanley who ran the 4.6 mile ‘Glory Leg’ in 39m.06.

Race Report: 2013 Sandhills Marathon, US

Trenkle wins 7th Sandhills Marathon

Kearney runner Jamie Trenkle, 36, won the seventh Sandhills Marathon, run on the Brownlee Marathon south of Valentine in Cherry County. Runner-up the previous two years to Kearney native Kaci Lickteig, Trenkle became the first male runner to win the Sandhills Marathon since 2009.

Race Report: 2013 Darrens Dash Longtown, Herefordshire. Sunday 16th June 2013 – The 8th ‘Darrens Dash’ event. The day dawned bright and breezy, but my mid-morning the clouds were building and light rain started an hour before the race began. This did not deter the record field of 85 (including 8 Cani-X runners) or the 58 children taking part in the children’s races.

The Black-Forest TRAIL-MANIAK 2013

The Black-Forest TRAIL-MANIAK offers unique experiences and overwhelming emotions

The weather forecast for the trail running event was catastrophic. 100 percent of rain. While
other vast areas in Germany sank beneath the water, went at the weekend in Simonswald
over 400 athletes at the start. And found the conditions they love: scenic trails, difficult turf
and perfect organization with a lot of heart and soul.

St. Joe River Marathon Photos – June 9th

Here are some great photos from the St. Joe Marathon held on June 9th 2012

Go the Marathon Man!

Derby & District RSPCA Carsington 7+ and Stones Island Spi Few runners who took part in the inaugural Derby & District RSPCA Carsington 7 in June 2012 will forget running around a Derbyshire reservoir in monsoon like conditions.  Yet, against all the odds, many returned to do the race again on Sunday 9th June 2013.

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Feature News:

Desert Runners Film Premiere Set for Edinburgh Film Festival This June 

“Desert Runners” is a documentary by film makers Jennifer Steinman, Yael Melamede and Diana Iles Parker. The trio followed four participants through four brutal ultramarathons to get inside the mindset of ultra long distance runners. – See more at:

Feature Race Map:

Races in Egypt courtesy of Add a race

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