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Race Report: Lancaster & Morecambe AC, June 2013

The latest on the club runners from Lancaster & Morecambe AC, courtesy of Road Captain, Louise Gardner:

Lancaster & Morecambe AC had two teams in the Edinburgh Marathon Relay where the 26.2 miles is divided between four runners over different distances.

On the first leg of 8.4 miles Ruth Bartlett ran well in 1h.07.32, off next was Tracey Bruce with a great run of 51m.26 on the 5.6 mile second leg. Leg three was 7.6 miles and Greg Lambert ran a super 1h.02.28 and he handed on to Julie Shanley who ran the 4.6 mile ‘Glory Leg’ in 39m.06. The team ran a cumulative time of 3h.40.31 to finish 94th. On the second team’s first leg Nigel Beeson ran bravely after sustaining an injury during his run to finish in 1h.30.06, handing over to Andrew Shanley who ran an excellent 51m.18, then Jackie Abell ran a long leg in 1h.12.31 and bringing the team home was Michell Whitton with a fine run of 41m.49. The team’s time was 4h.15.42 and they finished 342nd.

The first race in the annual Saturday evening Lancaster 5k series was held two weeks ago and there was a good turnout from Lancaster & Morecambe AC athletes on a fine night for running.

Callum Mason was first local back with a strong run of 16m.18 placing him well up the field in fifth place out of 97 finishers. Next back was Kieran Rowlands running well in 17m.02, followed by a close battle between Lee Parrington and Tom Lugrin, with both being timed at 17m.19 but Lee taking 16th and Tom 17th position.

First female for the club was Joanne Taylor with a good run of 21m.18. Joanne was backed up by team-mates Louise Goddard who was first vet 45 and Emily Stapleton in 23m.03.

Other finishers: Allan Gordon 17m.44, Mark Holgate 17m.55, Jack Griffiths 18m.26, James Edward 20m.16, Paul Steven 20m.35, Craig Hollindrake 21m.41, Bill Gardner 22m.14, Matthew Mitchell 24m.42, Helen McGregor 26m.23 first vet 55, Richard Stapleton 30m.01 first vet 70 and Linda Stapleton 30m.14 first vet 65.

The second Pilling 10k held on June 5th was won by previous winner Paul Muller from Horwich RMI in 36m.54. Lancaster athlete Allan Gordon took second position again but with a faster run of 37m.12, followed by Bill Gardner, also running quicker in 43m.57 for eighth place. Louise Goddard took first vet 45 place with 44m.34 and Liz Hickingbotham ran well in 51m.40.

The ever popular Morecambe 10k was held on June 9th and saw over 200 runners take part. Warm conditions and a undulating second half made the race tough but many runners achieved great times. Winner of the race was Michael Aspinall from Tipton Harriers in 31m.25, in second was Ethan Haywood for Norwich in 33m.32 and in third Malc Eadie for Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde in 34m.38.
There was a large turnout of Lancaster & Morecambe athletes and first back in sixth position was Thomas Lugrin with a super run of 36m.54. Taking seventh place overall and first vet 40 was Kev Wilson with a good run of 38m.05 and next was Mark Holgate running well in 38m.35 to finish in 10th place.

Joanne Taylor continued her good form finishing first female for Lancaster in 44m.35, closely followed by Louise Goddard in 44m.52. Next was Claire Tipler with a strong run of 45m.54.

Other finishers: Jack Griffiths 40m.12, Gareth Richardson 41m.34, William Cross 44m.07, Craig Hollindrake 45m.06, John Riach 45m.53, David Wilkinson 46m.40, David Dann 47m.23, Greg Lambert 47m.45, Carole Wilkinson 49m.15, Helena Lewis 51m.16, Paul Mackie 51m.22, Emily Stapleton 51m.44, Alexandra Mounsey 52m.23, Karen Cooper 53m.10, Julie Hollindrake 53m.24, Louise Stephenson 54m.40, Ashley Toms 55m.08, Janice Laing 57m.11, Diane Riach 58m.48, Richard Stapleton 1h.01.31, Linda Stapleton 1h.02.33 and super vet Evelyn Elkington 1h.06.42 taking first vet 75 place.

Fancy joining the Lancaster & Morecambe AC for a race? Click here to look at races organised by Lancaster & Morecambe AC.

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