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Race Report: The 2013 Pain Barrier 10k Trail Race, Tong, UK

Pete Hodges sent through these images and results from the 2013 Pain Barrier 10k Trail Race, Tong, UK:

More than 500 runners ran, crawled and swam through mud last Saturday, at Parkwood Off Road Centre, Tong, as they tested themselves in the Pain Barrier trail race. The competitors braved puddles, ponds, swamps, steep hills and ravines throughout the 10 kilometre course. From the elite, to the fancy dress runners – including the ‘Raving Roundhay River Runners’, dressed in their best business suits – no one escaped the mud, made thicker by the pouring rain.

Daniel Naylor won the men’s race in 54.14 minutes, with Emma Dunkley taking the women’s title in 1 hour 10 minutes. All finishers were rewarded for their effort with a Pain Barrier medal, T-shirt and goodie bag.

Race Photos

Race Results

Pain Barrier, Parkwood, 2nd November 2013


  1. Daniel Naylor 00:54:14
  2. Gareth Hurst 00:55:35
  3. Colin Walker 00:55:45


  1. Emma Dunkley 01:10:49
  2. Fran Dolata 01:13:31
  3. Rebecca Zserdicky 01:16:35

Race Listing

Click here for more information on the 2013 Pain Barrier 10k Trail Race, Tong, UK

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