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Race Report: 2013 Wythall and Hollywood Fun Run

This report comes from Neil Croxford, Race Director, Wythall and Hollywood fun runs:

The Wythall and Hollywood fun runs have taken on the summer of 2013 like a knight takes on a dragon.

With temperatures climbing the 4th annual road race set off from Silver Street in Wythall with 371 10k and 5k runners, attracting a mixture of club and amateur contestants.

This year saw a slower 5km field than normal with a winning time of 16.42 from Rich Bayliss in the men’s race and 19:38 from Sue Street-Hall in the ladies.

The 10km record has now been set at 36:47 by Matthew Smith in the men’s and 43:27 by  Holly Chipman.

The fun run in the park 1.5km race attracted 281 runners of all ages including a couple of dogs and at least 1 teddy who seamed to look as fresh at the end as he did at the start?

The age range for all three races went from 2 years old to 74,

This year also  saw the greatest take up from running clubs due to the running club challenge with over 79 runners taking part.

Race Results

10K Mens

1st   00:36:47   Matthew Smith
2nd  00:38:22   Clive Dent
Jnt 3rd  00:38:23   Lee Hawkes
jnt 3rd   00:38:31   Philip Duggan

10k Ladies

1st   00:43:27   Holly Chipman
2nd  00:43:54   Anna Dennis
3rd   00:45:28   Clementine Stubbs

5k Mens

1st   00:16:42   Rich Bayliss
2nd  00:16:50   Sam Chatwin
3rd   00:16:55   Mike Cadman

5k Ladies

1st   00:19:38   Sue Street-Hall
2nd  00:19:40   Melanie James
3rd   00:19:43   Dani Rasgauski

Race Photos

Wythall and Hollywood Fun Run 2013

Wythall and Hollywood Fun Run 2013

Race Listing

Click here for more detail about the 2013 Wythall and Hollywood Fun Run.

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