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Race Report: Hurtleberry Duathlon & Trail Run, 13th April 2013

This report was sent to us from Becky Russell at all about triathlons:

This Saturday’s Hurtleberry Off-road Duathlon and Trail Run event was a great success. The ground was soft, but the rain held off for the majority of the day, whilst 200 competitors took part in the events.

The day started with the Sprint Duathlon at 8:30am which was won by Jon Heasman from Powerbar. Athletes took part in order to gain a 30 second head start for the Full Duathlon in a Grand Prix-style start.

We then saw the start of the 10km trail run. 84 runners took on the challenging route which explored some of Holmbury Hill’s most challenging trails. Runners took over 40 minutes to complete the course. They were led in by Rob Sherwood at 40:39, quickly followed by David Chapman at 41:00 and Mark Howard at 41:13. The women weren’t far behind, with Lucy Rogers finishing in an impressive 44:27, Caroline Pleasence in 49:49, and Amy-Jo Clarke coming in 3rd at 52:40. Cani-cross runners had a good day, with the dogs enjoying some new trails to explore!

The day then saw the start of the Full Distance Duathlon. Pro Sam Gardner had arrived in good time to set up transition and warm up. At 10:30 they were off, the routes used many of the best trails on Holmbury Hill deep in the Surrey Hills, with some of the best trails in the world. Tom Robertson of Phoenix Tri Club led the first 10k run and through transition out onto the bike leg. Sam Gardner then took first place and led through the 40km bike and final 4.5km run to finish in 2:03, with Tom Robertson coming in at 2:15 and Jon Heasman finishing 3rd in a respectable time of 2:18.

Many thanks to the Friends of the Hurtwood for organising the event. This was the first event to be given permission to use this fantastic land. Congratulations to all those who took part in the event.

Race Results

Hurtleberry Duathlon Women’s. 1st Zayne Crow 3:04. 2nd Danielle Rogers 3:09. 3rd Mel Eyre 3:23.

Hurtleberry Duathlon Men’s. 1st Sam Gardner 2:03. 2nd Tom Robertson 2:15. 3rd Jon Heasman 2:18

Hurtleberry 10k Trail Run Women’s. 1st Lucy Rogers 44:27. 2nd Caroline Pleasence 49:49. 3rd Amy-Jo Clarke 52:40.

Hurtleberry 10k Trail Run Men’s. 1st Rob Sherwood 40:39. 2nd David Chapman 41:00. 3rd Mark Howard 41:13.

Race Photos

The 2013 Hurtleberry

The 2013 Hurtleberry

Race Listings

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