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Race Report: XTDuathlon, 6th October 2012

This from the organisers of the XT Duathlon over at AllAboutTri:

The XTDuathlon 6 Oct ,saw the return of the great off road athletes such as Jez Cox and Dafydd Hollis.

The event included full and sprint distance options with extra laps for the long distance athletes.

It was a seriously muddy affair from the outset, following 12hours of rain from the night before. An undulating forest run led the athletes into transition before they headed out to a very challenging mountain bike route. The first 5km proved easier across the heathland but the second half of technical woodland trails and single track was leg sappingly hard work.

A final lap of the run route killed off any chance of a personal best.

Full Duathlon winners

Dafydd Hollis 2hrs
Emma Welch 2hrs 33mins

Sprint Duathlon winners

Tom Robertson 1hr 11mins
Liz Cloke 1hr 39 mins

Race Results

Click here to download the results of the full distance XT Duathlon 2012.

Click here to download the results of the sprint distance XT Duthlon 2012.

Race Photos

Race Listing

Click here to find out more about the XTDuathlon on 6th October 2012.

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1 comment to Race Report: XTDuathlon, 6th October 2012

  • Rob Scott

    Now that’s what I call MUDDY!! Great stuff. Well done to all who participated and, as always, the good people who helped to make this event go ahead.


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