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Race Report: New Hampshire Marathon, Bristol, NH, USA, 5th October 2013

This report was sent to us by Dan MacLean, Assistant Director of Recreation at the Tapply-Thompson Community Center:

We ended up with 582 finishers in the 5 different events (116 in the 10K, 169 in the half marathon, 239 in the full marathon, 17 in the health walk & 41 in the kids race).

We had participants from over 40 states as well as 15 from different countries (1 from Switzerland, 1 from Germany, 1 from South Korea & the rest from Canada).

We had 2 wheelchair entries, 1 former biggest loser participant & 2 barefoot runners.

Winners (5 of 6 from New Hampshire!):


Male – Casey Carroll, 2:50:58, age 42 of Dover NH
Female – Serene Griffin, 321:17, age 43 of Northlake TX

Half Marathon

Male – Dave Irving, 1:25:41, age 39 of New Hampton NH
Female – Jennifer Mooney, 1:38:17, age 25 of Wolfeboro NH


Male – Rich Smith, 36:38, age 43 of Enfield NH
Female – Erica Labella, 41:44, age 34 of Plymouth NH

Kids Race (1 mile)

Girl – Julia Rose, age 12, 6:41
Boy – Reid Wilkins, age 12, 6:43

Beautiful day for running & thanks to all the volunteers that helped – registration, parking, water stops & more… couldn’t have done it without all the volunteers & sponsors of the race!

Race Photos

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