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Race Reports: Lancaster & Morecambe AC, 20th May 2013

The latest on the club runners from Lancaster & Morecambe AC, courtesy of Road Captain, Louise Gardner:

Ten athletes from Lancaster & Morecambe AC set themselves a new challenge this year by taking on the Keswick to Barrow (K2B) Walk. The event, which is in its 47th year, is a 40 mile sponsored walking and running event in the Lake District. Teams test themselves on a challenging route, to raise money for charities.

Tony Jewitt and Sean Davies finished together in a fantastic effort of 6h.36 in 51st and 52nd place. Close behind was Chris Pyle in 6h.45 in 69th, Ian mercer 6h.50 in 73rd, Kev Wilson in 6h.51 in 75th and John Spooner in 6h.54 in 83rd.

Katherine Cousins was the only female for Lancaster and had an excellent run of 6h.59 to finish 92nd. Next was Paul Mackie 7h.38 in 173rd, Graham Lawton 7h.38 in 174th and Gareth Richardson 7h.38 in 175th. This placed the team second overall, a superb result at their first attempt at this event. The team also thanked clubmate John Carr for his support en-route.

The first running of the Morecambe half marathon was a success with 125 runners taking part and a good turnout from Lancaster athletes.

Mark Holgate was first for the club, with a fine run of 1h.29.02 placing him 10th overall. Taking 11th place close behind was Michael Roy in 1h.29.58 and Michael was followed by Andrew Whitton in 1h.40.12.

Liz Hickingbotham was first female for the local club, with a good run of 1h.54.32, followed by Carol Fishwick 1h.57.35 and Helen McGregor 2h.0352

Other finishers: William Cross 1h.44.28, John Riach 1h.46.53, David Dunn 1h.47.46, Greg Lambert 1h.49.16, Ashley Toms 2h.06.35 and Gill Hamilton 2h.11.07.

The annual Ripley Supper Run was held on the 2nd May from Ripley School in Lancaster and it proved as popular as ever with over 200 runners taking part.

Lancaster & Morecambe AC runners took the first three places; Daryl Hayton was winner with a strong run of 21m.56, followed by Lee Parrington in 23m.15 and just behind Kev Wilson in 23m.18.

First female for the club was Hannah Fleet finishing well in 33rd place in 27m.00. Hannah was backed up by Carole Wilkinson in a good time of 30m.05 and Emily Stapleton just behind in 30m.09.

Other finishers: George Tostevin 24m.19, Paul Tynan 25m.14, Niall Graham 25m.18, James Whittaker 25m.19, Michael Roy 25m.32, Ian Richardson 26m.53, John Spooner 26m.56, Steve Perry 27m.09, David Wilkinson 27m.50, Mike Peat 28m.54, Michael Knight 30m.07, Daniel Palin 30m.15, Tracey Bruce 31m.04, Charles Satterly 33m.11, Graham Mossop 33m.49, Nigel Beeson 34m.23, Cath Mossop 34m.40, Julie Shanley 34m.50, Andrew Shanley 36m.27, Kathy Edge 39m.33, Karen Davis 40m.02, Mellissa McGuire 41m.31, Eve Taylor 41m.38, Linda Stapleton 42m.06, Ashley Edge 42m.56, Angus Murray 43m.14 and Olivia Simpson 49m.09.

Fancy joining the Lancaster & Morecambe AC for a race? Click here to look at races organised by Lancaster & Morecambe AC.

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