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Tri-Adventure Race Report: Effingham, Surrey Events | 2hr Sprint & 1hr Trail Run Date | Sunday 19th May 2013

The Tri-Adventure summer trilogy swept into Effingham on Sunday the 19th May, located on the doorstep of the North Downs ridge.  Effingham was stunning on this Sunday morning – glorious views of rolling hills being sun-kissed by the morning sun could be seen from our warm and welcoming registration.

As always the races are fun from first class facilities, providing a haven for race preparations, free tea and coffee was consumed as everyone enjoyed a good chat with others in our community.  Our hugely popular Adventure Racing Training Academy had run the day before, giving enthusiastic newcomers to adventure racing a day of theory and practical exercises on adventure racing fundamentals, skills, strategy and kit.  Dave Rollins was on hand to offer the participants a helping hand for their first real adventure race on day 2 of the course.  As racers registered and collected their maps small groups were huddling, planning strategies and tactics for the race.

Gil Cramer from F.I.T Concepts kindly ran a pre-event warm up session, getting everyone stretched and limbered up – outside in the sunshine, a nice treat compared to the harsh weather in March!

The klaxon sounded at 10am and competitors were off in many different directions, showing there are many ways to attack an adventure race!  The course was fast due to the lack of rain recently allowing competitors to gather up a decent amount of checkpoints on both the run and bike stages.

Very few early finishers arrived back, everyone wanting to use the full time allocated or perhaps having gone overtime because they were simply enjoying the sunshine and views!  One thing was for sure, it was tough but the wonderful weather ensured competitors were all grinning when they downloaded – fun was most definitely had!

A few quotes from the day:

Daniel Murphy – “Thanks for another great event today.”

Liam Fletcher – “Thanks again for the excellent event today, I really enjoyed the course and it was well run as usual (nice weather helped too!)”

The warm welcoming hall of Tri-Adventure HQ was a welcome haven for the finishers, showers and hot drinks with cake were waiting for all as they crossed the finish line.

 Sprint Winners:


1st Jeremy Wormington

2nd Matthew Humphries

3rd Rob Hardwick


1st Julie Hunter

2nd Robyn Fletcher

3rd Nicola Ellingham

 Trail Winners:

Male: Chris Ness

Female: Kate Noyce

Our next events will be on the 16th June & 21st July – all hosted in Effingham, nr Guildford – for more info visit:

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