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Four-time Colorado All-American and three-time USA World Cross Country Team member, Clint Wells, won the marathon in a time of 2:33:09, smashing Bryan Huberty’s 2012 course record of 2:42:53.  Floridian Angela Cobb, top overall female marathon winner,  set a new course record of 2:54:44, breaking her course record, in 2012, of 3:00:15.

Another Floridian and winner of the 2012 13.1 Half Marathon in Ft. Lauderdale, Jonathan Volpi, emerged as the fastest man in the half marathon setting a new course record of 1:11:36, by beating Cobi Morles’ 2012 time of 1:16:59.   Alice Henley, a life guard in Dania Beach, took home the honors of overall female half marathoner clocking a winning time and course record of 1:20:34.

All four overall winners are members of Wildside Elite Running team.

Sidney Collie was the first Bahamian marathoner to cross the finish line in a personal record of 2:45:14.

The relay events, saw the new addition of a hotly contested students competition from both private and public schools.  Taking overall honors were the R. M. Bailey all-male team.

At the beginning of the winning weekend, Bahamian Ramond Williams, won the third staging of the Susan G. Komen Bahamas Race for the Cure in 18:11 setting a course record.

Marathon Bahamas, Half Marathon, Relay drew a field of 1200 participants (an increase of 22% over 2012).                                                       The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K attracted 1800 participants (a 35% growth in a year).

Hosted by Sunshine Insurance, Race Weekend 2013 was the biggest and most successful event to date and marathon features miles and miles of unobstructed water vistas along the course.  The event has grown in popularity, both internationally and locally, and has become the Bahamas’ premier winter sporting event.  Runners, from 25 countries come to enjoy the beauty, culture and hospitality of The Bahamas while locally, the event is promoting a new cadre of endurance runners and offering an option for healthy lifestyle living.

All proceeds, from the event will remain in The Bahamas, and will benefit the five named cancer charities: The Cancer Society of The Bahamas, The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group, The Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative, and the Cancer Association of Grand Bahama.

Sunshine Insurance Race Weekend 2014 will be held on January 18 and 19.

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