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Race Report: Lancaster & Morecambe AC’s Great North Run

The latest on the club runners from Lancaster & Morecambe AC, sent in by Road Captain, Louise Gardner:

Lancaster & Morecambe AC athletes took the annual trip to Newcastle last weekend to take part in one of the world’s biggest half marathons, the Great North Run. Over 55,000 runners took part in the event and the route takes the athletes from Newcastle to South Shields.

While Mo Farah was sprinting to the finish for second place Lancaster athletes were aiming for their own personal targets after weeks of dedicated training for the 13.1 mile race.

First back for Lancaster was Mark Holgate with a superb run of 1h.24.42. In next was Michelle Atkinson running a fine time of 1h.34.44, followed by Michael Roy with a good effort of 1h.36.06.

Other finishers: Craig Hollindrake 1h.37.53, Colin Hewitt 1h.49.39, Bethany Bloor 1h.50.31, Helena Lewis 1h.52.22, Liz Hickingbotham 1h.53.20, Julie Hollindrake 1h.54.26, Andrew Shanley 1h.55.52, Adrian Bruce 1h.57.24, Michelle Whitton 2h.02.06, Louise Stephenson 2h.02.51, Linda Hodgson 2h.06.29, David Croxall 2h.09.33, Diane Riach 2h.13.33, John Riach 2h.13.33, Nigel Beeson 2h.15.11, Nick Turner 2h.29.18 and Mike Bray 3h.49.30.

Fancy joining the Lancaster & Morecambe AC for a race? Click here to look at races organised by Lancaster & Morecambe AC.

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