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Registration for Baltimore Running Festival in October

People that are interested in joining the Baltimore Running Festival have to wait for one more month but the event is worth visiting. Runners that are going to participate in the festival will be gathering to celebrate civic pride and athleticism. But organizers do not see a great interest considering a number of people that have already registered. As a result, there are a lot of endeavors are being taken to attract people to participating in running.

The tradition to hold the running festival is rather old and it is the 15th time organizers are trying to attract people. There were about 7,000 runners when the festival just started 15 years ago. The decision to develop the festival and to turn it into a tradition was taken as the intention to participate was growing. At the same time, the number of runners was increasing significantly and it reached 26,000 runners that could represent 23 countries.

Lee Corrigan is the organizer of the festival says there are nearly 16,000 persons that have already registered. The reduction of runners concerns a lot of people as it means the reduction of money for the development of the city. But, a greater part of this money is generally spent on the charities. Usually, the festival brings about $40 million and organizers are always looking for the chances to earn more money.

They started selling T-shirts for saving money for local charities. In order to preserve the interest to the festival, the organizers are going to develop a social media campaign. It will be based on the tweeting the unique spots in the city indicating the right way to follow when participating in the running festival. It is a great chance to start your running career and the festival will inspire you to achieve your own goals.

Baltimore Running festival 2015 details

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