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Competition / Give-Away Prize Draw! Subscribe to Race Notifications for Chance to Win Free Calendar Every Week!

We’re delighted with our 2013 Running Calendar, and the hugely positive feedback we’ve been getting from runners and race organisers who’ve bought them.

We’re really pleased that the 2013 Running Calendar will make a great Christmas gift for runners, and that it will help runners just like us to stay motivated not just for the first few weeks of 2013, but right through the year, encouraging us all to train and race next year, wherever we are!

Ricky Lightfoot on the cover of the 2013 Running Calendar

In the past week, we’ve also updated our Race Notifications system, which means that runners across the globe are able to Subscribe to and receive an update every Friday with a run-down of new events which meet their criteria.

This means you don’t have to keep checking the site to stay up-to-date. Also we runners like looking through race listings on a Friday afternoon – it helps us to shake off the lethargy of the week, and prepare for a weekend of running!

Competition – Weekly Prize Draw

Very simply, as well as sending our race notifications, each week, we’ll be drawing from those users with complete details one lucky winner to be sent a free copy of our 2013 Running Calendar on us!

How to Enter

  1. Visit the Subscribe page;
  2. Complete your details – or click a recent email we sent and update your existing details to be fully complete;
  3. You’ll need to confirm the email which is then sent to fully “opt in”;
  4. Every Friday, from 2nd November to the end of 2012, we’ll draw a winner and send them a free copy of our 2013 Running Calendar!

Terms & Conditions

  • We’ll let each winner know by email and announce the winner each week on this News section and our Facebook page.
  • There is a limit to one entry per email address. You may sign up two or more emails (for example a work and a home email) and this will increase your chances of success, though the address must be active (you must reply to our “you have won” email message in order to receive your prize!).
  • We will contact winners by email – a response must be received within 48 hours, or we will re-draw for that week;
  • This competition is open to runners everywhere across the globe.
  • You’ll need to remain an active subscriber to be in the draw, which is made of active subscribers at noon every Friday!

Get Your Own Calendar

Don’t forget, you may order your own copy of our 2013 Running Calendar using the following links:

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about this weekly prize draw competition!

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