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Cyber Monday Deal for USA Runners on 2013 Running Calendar at Amazon

This week saw Thaksgiving in the USA, and, at, we wanted to say thanks to all our US users by getting involved with the deals weekend.

We recently shipped a few crates of our 2013 Running Calendar over to The first batch sold so well we shipped a few more across.

Ricky Lightfoot on the cover of the 2013 Running Calendar

Now we’ve reduced the price to rock bottom for the Thanksgiving Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend… and it looks as though we will sell out of all US stock!

Its not surprising to us – the calendar features iconic races from across the globe. Thanks to all the amazing races who we worked with to put this together, we’ve produced a truly unique; globe-trotting runners’ delight.

This isn’t just one of those calendars with some model running in the forest or the hills – this is a calendar of pictures taken at impressive and inspiring real races around the world.

Featuring ordinary people, like you and me, running in big city marathons.

We’ve also got a dose of awe-inspiring with the Marathon Des Sables and the Australian Outback Marathon (running past Ayer’s Rock / Uluru no less!) and we’ve got some of the greatest ever, with a pic of Haile Gebreselassie trailing Patrick Makau in what turned out to be a World Record marathon in Berlin (and one of the great Etheopian’s last competitive marathons).

In short, the calendar has it all to help keep us runners inspired throughout 2013. It also, we might add, serves as an excellent calendar to keep appointments in, too!

Reduced to $14.99 Each Black Friday to Cyber Monday ONLY at

Order 2 and get FREE Shipping USA wide for under $30 – a great gift for a runner friend, and you can keep one for yourself… perfect!

Click here to visit and order the 2013 Running Calendar – before they sell out!

(while stocks last)

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