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Gifts for Runners 2012

2013 running calendar

2013 running calendar

Calling all those of you who are buying gifts for runners in 2012 – particularly in the USA!

Our 2013 Running Calendar makes an excellent gift for the runner in your life for many reasons, not least because it is affordable, and you don’t need to know running gait, shoe size, or whether or not they already have one (they haven’t!) in order to purchase.

Order Quickly in the USA from – Black Friday to Cyber Monday Special Offer Price!

In the US, we’ve slashed the price of our calendar to a dangerously low level. This great price means you can order two 2013 Running Calendars for under $30 with free shipping, picked, packed, and shipped by your friends at, so you can trust it to arrive on time and in one piece ahead of this year’s Holiday season…

Click here to visit and order a pair of 2013 Running Calendars for the runner(s) in your life!

If you are outside of the USA, you are not out of luck, however:

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