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Marathon in Memory of Hurricane Katrina Sufferers

Hurricane Katrina resulted in about 1,300 deaths and $110 billion in damages. People living there appeared in a difficult situation and they managed to cope with all the negative consequences of the hurricane. Today, they are trying to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by holding a marathon arranged by the New Orleans running community.

By the marathon, the community members are trying to show their resiliency in relation to those awful consequences of the hurricane. At that time, people didn’t have a chance to get the needed clothes and documents and they appeared almost naked in the street. The tradition to arrange the marathon was introduced in 2005, right two months after the disaster. The New Orleans Track Club managed to gather people and to hold an informal run with about 5,000 participants.

Besides, in 2006, the marathon managed to gather about 3,000 runners and it was one of the significant sports events in the city after the hurricane. The organization of the marathon is a chance to show people that they need to live despite all the misfortunes they had to experience. It is crucial for the city as with the help of the marathon, people get back to their normal way of life. Among the participants of the marathon, there are a lot of people that devoted a lot of time to restoration of their houses or dealing with their insurance.

The main mission is to show that everything is normal so that people could feel rather right. At the same time, there are a lot of scars left which could be seen on the houses in the form of waterlines and dead trees. The marathon shows that survivors are strong and they deserve a normal life after the disaster they had to suffer. That is why people use every opportunity to celebrate funerals.

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