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Race-Calendar Newsletter | Week ending 14th April

Our Thoughts Are With All Involved In The Boston Marathon Bombing

It was with disbelief that the team at Race-Calendar learned of the news that a bombing had occurred at the Boston Marathon yesterday. The sport of running, and especially the marathon, brings people together from all over the world, and the Boston Marathon, one of the “big 6” is considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest of them all.

It defies logic to think that someone or some group uses such a great event to wreak havoc and carnage.

This week’s newsletter is dedicated to all those involved in the Boston Marathon. Rather than regurgitate the images and news that is front page around the globe currently, we thought we would bring you some positive images and videos from the Boston Marathon from past years.

The team at Race-Calendar



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1 comment to Race-Calendar Newsletter | Week ending 14th April

  • Rob Scott

    I have been horrified since I learned of this. While we runners always recover, this blow to our community will never be forgotten. So sad.


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