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Top Ten Gifts For Runners – Christmas 2012

The team behind, an interactive calendar & map of the world’s running races, have picked out the products they think will be on every runner’s wish-list this Yuletide!

Call us biased, but the 2013 Running Calendar from is leading our list of the top ten gifts for runners this Christmas.

Featuring inspiring imagery from iconic running events around the world, including: Australian Outback Marathon, the Prague Half Marathon & the Marathon Des Sables, there’s nothing better to keep your loved ones running in 2013!

The 2013 Running Calendar

1. 2013 Running Calendar

The best way to make a dream happen is to put a date on it. Instead of empty New Year’s Resolutions, put those dates on your inspirational calendar and look forward to a successful 2013!

Inside the Calendar

  • 12 Inspiring Race Photos
  • Over-Sized Sunday slots for Runners
  • Room to add your notes or training plans on any day
  • Produced by people who love2run, for people who love2run
  • Great gift for the runner who has everything!

Available now with free delivery from Amazon:

Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS Watch

2. Garmin Forerunner 610

from £324

“Give the runner in your life a virtual coach.”

Compatible with your Mac, this GPS device records all your training data and even vibrates when you reach a target.

“You’ll run harder than you would otherwise, just to beat your own stats” Robin Scott,

The perfect gadget for Christmas morning.

Brooks Pure Flow Trainers

3. Brooks Pure Flow Trainers

Around £90.

“Enjoy every run – The PureFlow™ combines a little more shoe with a lot more technology” – Brooks.

“Light, nicely cushioned & supportive” – Steve Haywood, In-House Personal Trainer at

A pair of trainers is one of the only things you need in order to start running, so give someone the gift of sport with this high-tech footwear.

Adidas Adiviz Windstopper

4. Adidas adiViz Long Sleeve Running Top

from £55.

Stylish, breathable and high-vis for running during the Winter.

Reflective strips mean drivers will easily see night runners and long-sleeves will keep runners warm.

Available for men & women.

Ron Hill Hi-Viz Running Gloves

5. Ron Hill Hi-Viz Gloves

from £3.99

These hi-viz gloves keep runners warm in Winter and double-up as an all important element of high-visibility clothing, which is absolutely vital when training on dark nights.

Perfect to add to a stocking at the last minute or as a Secret Santa present for a work colleague who runs – helpfully they fall under the £5 Secret Santa limit.

Keeping extremities warm with extra layers frees up energy & blood flow for muscles – improving performance and making training more comfortable.

Skins Compression Calf Tights 400 Series

6. Skins 400 Series

from £33

Enhance performance and add another layer to your loved one’s running kit with compression clothing from Skins. With biomechanical memory and increased venous return – Skins help runners to enhance performance, avoid injury and improve recovery times.

Paula Radcliffe is credited with starting the trend for long socks in distance running. Calf tights can now be seen in every major distance competition in the world of running.

Fitting easily under usual running kit, compression wear can double up as a base layer.

Ghost Runner – by Bill Jones

7. The Ghost Runner by Bill Jones

From £7.

How one of the UK’s best and most under-celebrated runners of the 1950’s was forged in a Kent children’s home at the end of the Second World War.

Steve Haywood: “The life of John Tarrant has been very well researched and put together and will make sure that the “Ghost Runner” will not and should not be forgotten.”

High 5 Race Pack: Marathon

8. High 5 Race Pack – Marathon

from £9.99

“High5’s Marathon Race Day and Recovery Pack contains enough energy gels and drink powders to fuel you on race day.”

Know someone planning to run in a Boxing Day race or to hit their first Half Marathon in January? Help them cope with the dehydration with a very wrap-able box of isogels & hydration sachets.

Action Wipes

9. Action Wipes

from £20

“Action Wipes are a premoistened, all natural body wipe created specifically for when you don’t have the time or facilites to bathe or shower. They’re made with a natural, clean, fresh, aromatic scent that smells great and drys and dissipates quickly so you don’t spend the day smelling like a “tree-hugging hippie”.”

Ideal for race day, when all runners want to do afterwards is go for Sunday lunch. Not every race has a shower, so these wipes are handy and help toget rid of the mud & the smell in between finishing a race and going for something to eat.


10. Camelbak Hydropacks

from £31

Keeping the weight of water close to the core reduces wobble & the risk of resulting injuries from carrying water.

A very convenient and ergonomic water bottle.

Also useful on treks, camping trips & bike rides.

Your Choices

Tell us about the running products on your wish list in the comments box below.

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1 comment to Top Ten Gifts For Runners – Christmas 2012

  • ann randall

    Hi Folks,
    i like the run shoes, but was wondering if they are cruelty free? meaning are they made with or used from animals. am vegan and this concerns me.
    please consider manufacturing shoes and other clothing from hemp. great plant and makes great long wearing, durable products. since it can be grown legally, now in CO and WA states, we can make them.thank you very much for listening.

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